Walking in Our Area

There are various walking options where we live, from a short walk around Torcal to a more adventurous hike.

El Torcal

Firstly, El Torcal shouldn’t be missed! You can choose which colour coded El Torcal from a distanceroute you want to follow according to how long you like to walk for.

Comfortable trainers or walking shoes are advised as it is rocky and you do need to climb up rocky outcrops.

The shortest route takes about 45 minutes.

Puente Paraíso

Also close to the guesthouse there is a beautiful country path of about 5 kms which will bring you to an old bridge, called Puente Paraíso. From there you can double round and walk back to your starting point on a quiet country lane without having to re-walk the same route. Ask us for directions.

Camino Forestal Salvador Pereña

About 15 minutes away is the beautiful park where you can walk for hours without seeing anyone else – or maybe you will cross paths with a couple of other walkers out enjoying the spectacular scenery.

Make sure to pre-plan your route with Google as otherwise you could get lost in this area.

Caminito del Rey

The Caminito del Rey is well worth visiting and doing the walk to see the spectacular scenery. Entrance tickets are needed so be sure to book in advance.

Random Walking

Alternatively, if you like to create your own walk, have a look on Google Maps Olive groveas there are so many tracks and river beds that you can walk along to enjoy Andalusia!

The custom here is that you can walk across unfenced private land as long as there isn’t a crop in the field, or if there is a crop, that you stick to the track.

Happy Walking!